Special Message from Natalie Grant

In 2005, the The Home Foundation was founded by Natalie Grant and dedicated to the eradication of human trafficking both domestically and abroad.  As an organization, we believe we are called to do much more than just announce the problem. We are a part of the solution, providing freedom and aftercare to victims of sex-trafficking.

Recently, there have been some big changes and we have now grown into a larger initiative: Abolition International. Our mission is still the same – to end sex trafficking and human exploitation, but our scope will be on a much larger scale. We plan to bring freedom to rescued victims through Restoration, Accreditation, Education, and Advocacy.

As we launch Abolition International we need your help to sustain and spread freedom. As dedicated supporters of the Home Foundation we want to invite and give you the first opportunity to join the abolitionist movement and to support Abolition International. We need your support and engagement in this issue.  Join Abolition International in leading the fight against sex trafficking and exploitation.

As the Home Foundation moves into Abolition International we are also rounding the corner to the Month of Freedom starting July 1st. Last year’s twitter campaign for 31Days of freedom reached close to a million people. Help us spread the word about freedom and reach our goal of 1.5 million people this year . Visit the campaign page to see how to be a voice for freedom! GIVE FREEDOM!


CNN Infographic – The Average Price Of A Slave

Source: CNN Freedom Project

According to a recent CNN interview with Kevin Bales (Free the Slaves), the average price for a slave has decreased radically over the past 200 years.  ”In 1809, the average price of a slave was $40,000 when adjusted to today’s money. In 2009, the average price of a slave was $90, Bales says.”

Second Gang Busted for Child Sex Trafficking at Wyndham Hotel

Source: Change.org
by Amanda Kloer

Recently, San Diego native Tim Rosner launched a campaign on Change.org asking Wyndham Hotels to prevent child sex trafficking at their properties, after a sex trafficking ring selling girls as young as 14 was discovered in a Wyndham hotel in California. Now, another sex trafficking ring has been busted using Wyndham properties near Washington, DC. Will this latest scandal finally inspire the company finally do the right thing?

Virginia resident and MS-13 gang member Alonso Bruno Cornejo Ormeno was recently indicted for trafficking girls for sex at a Super 8 hotel — a Wyndham property –  in Manassas, Virginia. At least one of the girls was 15 when she was sold, and Ormeno advertised her as a “high school girl” and “fresh out of the box.” According to the indictment, Ormeno rented a room at the Super 8 where he sold sex acts with a number of girls and women for $50 each. He told an informant his business was booming, and his cell phone was ringing off the hook. Six or seven clients a day would stream in and out of the room, but no one at the hotel reported it.

This is the second recent case of gangs using a Wyndham hotel to run child sex trafficking rings. Two Wyndham hotels near San Diego were similarly used by the Crips gang, and at one property employees even helped facilitate the child sex trafficking. Could this be the beginning of a pattern of child sex trafficking rings being run from Wyndham properties?

The campaign Rosner launched, and which over 500 people have supported, asks the Wyndham Hotel Group to intervene and prevent child sex trafficking at their hotels by signing the ECPAT Code of Conductto Prevent Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism. Signing the campaign is an incredibly easy, effective thing Wyndham can do to stop child sex trafficking at their hotels — Carlson Companies and Hilton Worldwide have already signed it. Among other things, The Code would help provide hotel staff with the training to recognize child sex trafficking and intervene to prevent it.

So far, however, Wyndham has yet to respond. How many more stories of gangs running child sex trafficking rings out of their hotels will have to hit the media before they are willing to take action?

Article from Change.org – read more.