Bringing an end to sex trafficking & exploitation.

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Host a Freedom BBQ FUNdraiser

Help raise awareness and support for Abolition International by hosting a Freedom BBQ FUNdraiser this July! It’s a great way to have fun with your friends and family while igniting the modern-day abolitionist movement in your community!

  1. 1.Download the Freedom BBQ FUNdraiser Event Guide
  2. 2.Register your Freedom BBQ event
  3. 3.Order your Freedom BBQ FUNdraiser Event Kit

Start an Online FUNdraiser!

Don’t want to host a BBQ? Come up with your own creative fundraising idea!

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Church Partnerships

Get your church or small group involved with 31 Days of Freedom this July and join us as we unite in prayer against the issue of sex trafficking and exploitation.

  1. 1.Check out the Church Partnership Guide
  2. 2.Register your church or small group
  3. 3.Prepare for your 31 Days of Freedom event
  4. 4.Join us in prayer with the 31 Days of Freedom prayer guide

The 31 Days of Freedom Prayer & Devotion Guide can be accessed through the Abolition Prayer Community or through the YouVersion Bible App.

Business Partnerships

There are plenty of ways your business or workplace can participate in 31 Days of Freedom this summer! Here are a few great ideas to get started:

  • - Special “freedom” item for the month of July
  • - Order Abolition INTL buttons and give them away with every purchase
  • - Organize a workplace Freedom BBQ
  • - More ideas

Become a freedom Giver

Become a Freedom Giver

Join our growing group of monthly donors who are supporting our work to provide hope and freedom for survivors of sex slavery and exploitation. This life-changing work is impossible without support from people like you.


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Stick a Bird On It!

Grab your Abolition bird button or sticker, put it some place it’ll be seen, take a picture, and share about #31DaysofFreedom!

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