Join Abolition International during the month of July in celebrating the hope and freedom brought to survivors of sex slavery, and help raise awareness about the thousands of women and children still awaiting freedom. Use your voice and influence to abolish slavery once and for all.





  • Sign the 13A Petition and ask President Obama to allocate additional resources for domestic anti-trafficking efforts



31 Days of Freedom Instagram

Here’s an another way to join in 31 Days of Freedom this July:

1) Order your 31 Days of Freedom button

2) Once you receive it, take a photo with your brand new button

3) Share your photo on Twitter and Instagram and tag #31DaysofFreedom @AbolitionINTL

4) Keep wearing your 31 Days of Freedom button for the month of July and share with everyone about the hope and freedom being brought to survivors of sex trafficking in the U.S.A.