The abolishment of sex slavery and exploitation.


Bringing an end to sex trafficking & exploitation through education, empowerment, and comprehensive restorative care.

President & Executive Director – Stacia Freeman, M.A.

VP of Education  -  Dr. Jeff Barrows, D.O., M.A.

Director of Programs, A.I.S.A Implementation – James Pond, M.A.

Director of A.I.S.A. Aftercare & Certification – Athena Pond

Executive Assistant – Jodi Solem

Director of Development – Phil Shay

Director of Marketing & Communications – Sarah Hale

Coordinator of Faith-Based & Community Partnerships – Monique Zackery

Data Standards Coordinator – Jamie Gatchel

The vision for Abolition International surfaced in 2005 when founder Natalie Grant was exposed to the plight of millions of women and children around the world oppressed by sex slavery. After researching the issue and speaking with devoted anti-human trafficking groups and caregivers, Natalie realized the desperate need for quality aftercare for survivors. With that passion to make a difference, Natalie founded The Home Foundation to support aftercare programs around the world.

Since that time, the Foundation has grown and evolved into Abolition International under the leadership of Stacia Freeman. Abolition International has helped launch, expand and improve aftercare programs in India, Moldova, Cambodia and the United States. As the organization continues to develop and fund more projects, Abolition has focused on creating model programs, standards of care, resources for shelters and quality education for lifelong abolitionists. Abolition International is committed to creating a collaborative community of inspired abolitionists who are determined to end sex slavery in our lifetime.

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